The Best Hair Removal Method for 2021 and Beyond

Whether you shave or wax, there are many different ways to remove unwanted hair. Determining which method is right for you can be confusing. But don’t worry, we’ve researched the different types of hair removal and have broken down the pros and cons for the 4 most popular methods.

Without further due, let's delve in...


The Pros:
By far, the easiest and most accessible method to get rid of unwanted fuzz.

The Cons: 
Shaving can be the most frustrating hair removal method for many reasons. For starters, It’s not permanent, so if you’ve been day-dreaming about silky smooth legs, it’ll unfortunately become a full time job; That you can’t put on your resume!

Not to mention their environmental impact. Did you know that 1.2 billion disposable razors end up in landfills each year in the US alone?

You could also end up with razor burns, ingrown hairs or cuts that seem to always happen in the worst places. Anyone who’s had a razor cut on that tender part of their heel knows what I’m talking about.

Lifetime Cost: Average American woman spends more than $10,000 AND 2 months of her life shaving*

*According to the book 'Plucked: A History of Hair Removal”

Pain Level: Mild to Medium


The Pros: 
Waxing is almost like a toxic relationship, It lasts a while, but it’s definitely painful. Although, there’s no risk of cuts or nicks, it’s best to be done by a professional. Trust us on that one. 

The Cons: 
Let us give it to you straight. It’s the most painful method. And when we say painful, we mean you will probably scream a little and shed a couple of tears, kind of painful. Having hot wax spread on your body (and private parts) then ripped off is pure torture. And… you get to do it again every few weeks. 

If you use a professional salon as opposed to an at home kit, you will have the inconvenience of booking an appointment. Waxing can also cause ingrown hairs. You also have to let your hair grow back before you can wax it again - meaning you’ll have to deal with fuzz for a couple of weeks, which is not the most ideal. And who wants to expose their private areas to a wax technician?

Lifetime Cost: The woman who waxes once or twice a month will spend more than $23,000 over the course of her lifetime.*

*According to the book 'Plucked: A History of Hair Removal”

Pain Level: Medium to Intense


The Pros: 
While the results are not permanent, they last much longer than any other method. In fact, after the initial 6 to 8 sessions, you would only need to do maintenance sessions every 6 to 12 months. There is also no risk of ingrown hairs, razor burns, or cuts.

The Cons: 
While getting laser done in clinics may sound like a dream come through, it’s expensive! For a full body session it will set you back $1,450 or more PER SESSION. That’s $8,000 to $10,000 in total for the initial 6 to 8 sessions. Yes, you read that right. And you still need maintenance sessions every 6 to 12 months that run about $500 to $1000 per session. You do the math. It’s definitely budget-busting.

Like waxing, you have to take time for appointments that might not be the most convenient for you and still have to deal with exposing your private areas to a laser technician. There is also the risk of serious laser burns and injuries

Lifetime Cost: $8,000 - $15,000

Pain Level: Mild to Medium (Intense If laser burns incur)


Thankfully, there’s another painless and efficient option that includes the pros of waxing, shaving and laser with fewer cons!

The Pros: 
Just like lasers, Silky Me Pro is the closest thing to permanent hair removal. However, every 3 - 4 months you may see some very fine and barely noticeable hair strands growing back which may need a 10 minute touch up here and there. Which in comparison to shaving 2 - 3 times a week is a dream come true!

Unlike the other methods above, this is designed to be virtually pain free with Silky Me Pro’s ice cooling technology. It makes it such a luxurious experience, it’s like a spa day in your own home! For those of us who are busy, this is an ideal solution as no appointments are needed. Put on your favorite TV show and zap away!

No cuts, ingrown hairs, razor burn, or cringe worthy moments having to expose your body to a stranger. Unlike lasers used in laser clinics that have a high burn risk and can cause serious injury, Silky Me Pro is categorized as a safe over the counter solution for in-home use by FDA.

The Cons: 
One minor con with Silky Me Pro, is that it may need more sessions than laser clinics. It usually requires 8-12 sessions to see full results as opposed to 6-8 sessions you would need in a laser clinic. However, in many cases people see up to 95% hair reduction in as short as 4 sessions. Results vary depending on your genetics, your hair color and skin tone. 

Lifetime Cost: $199 for 15 to 20 years

Pain Level: Very Mild


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Are you tired of dealing with unwanted hair?

Even though you like having smooth legs the money, the time, the endless maintenance is exhausting, costly and can be quite painful.

The whole idea behind SILKYME Pro is to eliminate the tedious upkeep of body hair removal in a safe, effective, affordable and easy way from the comfort of your home.

That’s Why We're Trusted by 12,000+ Customers.

You should be able to have silky legs and a smooth hairless body without having to deal with unwanted hair on a daily or weekly basis.

In fact, that’s why our founder originally created SILKYME. After years of frustration dealing with repeated cuts and razor burns, painful waxing and costly laser treatments, we were determined to find a better solution for hair removal.

Being an engineer, he did exhaustive research into IPL technology and found an amazing manufacturing partner with over 20 years of experience in the laser industry. Hundreds of prototypes later, the Silky Me Pro was born. It changed his life and the lives of thousands of other people.

His mission is to empower both men and women of all ages and provide them with the ability to achieve the hairless silky skin they’ve always wanted conveniently and at an affordable price.

Silky Me Pro is self-care
made simple.

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Why Silky Me Pro is LOVED by our customers

The reason SILKYME is so successful is that it deals with the root cause of the problem; the follicle. It releases light energy, which travels down to the follicle, heating up along the way. By the time it reaches the follicle, the heat is strong enough to damage it and prevent it from growing hair permanently.

  • It works on every body part (including face and bikini areas).
  • 100% safe & pain free.
  • No more razors, waxing or ineffective treatments.
  • One time cost - No refills needed.
  • Just takes a few minutes per body part to use.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.

Goodbye Shaving, Hello Hair Free Living.

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